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Geothermal Division


Geothermal energy has gained increasing attention over the last few years and many expectations are placed on it, seeing it as an effective source of energy for the future. Among the main reasons are: the total absence of pollution, the possibility of exploiting this energy locally (at zero kilometers) and, above all, the dual value and use that this type of energy has: heat tank for heating at low temperatures or cooling at high temperatures because the temperature of the ground (without significant movement of groundwater) remains almost constant.


The technology for the exploitation of terrestrial heat has already been used to produce heat for buildings such as homes or offices, for greenhouses, for road heating and for various industrial processes. Geothermal energy, geo-structures and geothermal heat exchanges allow the cooling of buildings without the need for refrigeration systems that use large amounts of energy. By combining heating and cooling processes, the geothermal solution becomes more effective and efficient in terms of economic benefits, and offers enormous application potential. Low temperature geothermal resources are of different types, as are the methods of exploitation: vertical geothermal probes, field sensors, groundwater heat extraction, energy poles and geo-structures, heat extraction from tunnels, etc ...

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