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Wind Division


Wind, an inexhaustible natural resource, is one of the main elements with which to produce 100% green energy. Due to the growing demand for energy, with the consciousness that the environment must be protected, alternative energy production methods are gradually replacing power plants that use fossil fuels (coal and oil) which are available in limited quantities and highly polluting. MAIT Energy, sensitive to the needs of the market and engaged in research and development of new methods for the production of clean energy from renewable natural sources, produces wind turbines in the range from 2.0MW to 2.5KW.

Wind Farm

The MAIT Energy wind turbine is designed to maximize reliability and ease of maintenance thanks to the use of permanent magnet generators. Innovation and simplicity that reduces the number of rotating parts and friction. The MAIT Energy wind turbine differs from all other turbines on the market for the following characteristics:

  • High verticalisation of the wind turbine: MAIT Energy directly produces almost all the structural components, the generator and the blades.
  • Reduced ordinary maintenance: The MAIT Energy wind turbine is Gearless and completely electric (Oil Less) so the scheduled maintenance is extremely reduced.
  • Permanent magnet generator: The MAIT Energy wind turbine is without gearbox and the permanent magnet generator is placed on the back-side so as not to be sensitive to wind loads. This concept reduces the number of rotating parts and friction with the consequent increase in reliability and reduces wear and maintenance.
  • Exclusive features: patented, maintenance-free pitch system
  • Possibility to customize our product: Thanks to the internal Reserch & Development department we are able to customize our product according to customer needs.

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